How To Reduce Chest Pain Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder that causes nervousness, worry, and panic. This normally happens when one is anticipating future occurrences for instance when preparing for a public speech, before examinations, trying out something for the first time, just to mention but a few. Anxiety can bring about various disorders in the body this may include General Anxiety Disorders, phobias, Social Anxiety Disorders among others. Symptoms that are commonly experienced during an anxiety attack are chest pains, increased heart rates, sweating, trembling, and headaches. There are many other symptoms that come with anxiety but in this article the focus shall be on Chest Pain Anxiety.

Chest Pain Anxiety attacks are characterized by sharp and piercing sensations that are felt in the region around the heart. These pains can last from minutes or even prolong to hours. How long these pains will linger highly depends with how an individual will respond to the Chest Pain Anxiety. The pain tends to increase due to the high rate of breathing which is caused by the fear and worry being experienced at that moment.

A highly recommended advice to reduce the pain is for one to generally work on stopping anxiety from taking over their body. They should try as much to take one day at a time and stop worrying about future outcomes. If one starts to worry about upcoming events, they should quickly redirect their thoughts and keep themselves occupied.

Fear is a major cause of anxiety and for that reason one should try to confront their fears. Even though it may be hard at first, the fact that the fear has been faced it will reduce the anxiety that was experienced before. The more the fears are confronted, the more the body will adapt to them and eliminate them as threats hence greatly reducing the anxiety levels.

When experiencing Chest Pain Anxiety it is advised that one takes deep slow breaths. This technique is very important because it reduces the heart palpitations, calms and relaxes the body, while ensuring that one keeps their breathing under control.

People experiencingChest Pain Anxiety tend to think that the worst is happening to them. For instance one may get the feeling that they are dying, getting a heart attack, or cardiac arrest. It’s very important for a person to control their thoughts. Instead of lingering with negative thoughts they should try and think positively about the situation and try keep off their mind from focusing on the pain. This will help in calming the body and in reducing the adrenaline rush.

If the chest pains persist and the individual is not able to control them, one is advised to seek medical attention and can be provided with antidepressants which will act as tranquilizers and will aid in calming the nerves and regulating the heart beats. One can also sign up for cognitive therapy that will assist in understanding an individual’s thoughts and how to channel them in the right direction. In the end, chest pain anxiety is a problem that can be effectively tackled if detected at an early stage.

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