Raw Food Detox Diet

In this age of fast foods and high-cholesterol diets, eating raw food seems like an absurd idea. But this absurd idea could be the determining factor that will probably save your life and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. The raw food detox diet is under the code that follows a simple premise: the healthiest food that you can introduce into the body is uncooked. There are a lot of foods that are eaten raw; but frying food using temperatures ranging from 104 to 118 degrees is also acceptable.

But in order to get the most nutrients out of the ingredients you are using, you need to prepare them as fresh as possible. Cooking food is believed to lessen the various enzymes naturally found in vegetables and fruits. These enzymes are considered as the “life force” of the food and they help people to have good digestion and absorb the necessary nutrients. If a person tends to eat too much cooked food, the human body overcompensates by working harder to produce the needed enzymes, which leads to digestive problems, weight gain and nutrient deficiency.

Too much cooking can also lead to a serious decline in nutritional value. An example of this is when you cook broccoli; the cancer-fighting agents called sulforaphanes are mostly destroyed. Different kinds of vitamins, such as vitamin C and folate are dissipated due to the heat of cooking. Another setback is the formation of harmful elements in food such as advance glycation when high heat cooking is done.

To stay healthy, go raw!

The main purpose of the raw food detox diet is to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body. When done properly, a person can avoid a lot of life-threatening diseases like cancer. Detox gives a vast improvement in the immune system, gives extra energy and aids in proper digestion. There are a lot of ways that you can follow a raw food detox diet. A person does not need to be a vegan to enjoy the benefits of this particular diet, and you can start right away once you have made up your mind to become a healthier person. Some people only eat raw food products like raw cheese, milk, sashimi and carpaccio. Others stick with fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet like this can last up to 21 days after which, you can return to a regular diet of your choosing.

Raw Food Diet Examples

Here are some raw food detox diet dishes that will leave your mouth watering:


This dish is excellent when mixed with flax seed crackers along with Ezenkiel bread. It also serves as a great dip for different vegetables like carrots, celery, and broccoli.

Yummy Pineapple Juice

Juice a fresh pineapple and mix in a little shaved ice and you’re ready to go. These amazing fruit contains bromelain, which promotes muscle healing and also aids in digestion.

A Quick Salad

Throw in cabbages, carrots, avocadoes, mustard and a touch of lemon juice for a very healthy green snack.

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