Orthopedic Jokes That Is Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bones

The following orthopedic jokes were created not to make fun of the orthopedic patient’s condition or the orthopedic profession but to make things light by sharing laughter and humor behind every common life situations revolving around an orthopedic hospital or situation. Read on and enjoy a good laugh!

Orthopedic Joke #1:

A trusted orthopedic surgeon had an aging female patient who takes note of everything she can remember and emergency numbers on her small notepad. One day she had an emergency situation. She fell down the last flight of the stairs in her home. She insisted on her husband that she only wanted to be checked by his favorite orthopedic surgeon but, she cannot remember his full name. She searched all over her notes until she exclaimed aloud! “Arthur, Arthur, Oh yes! It was Dr. ARTHUR PEDIC! “

Orthopedic Joke #2:

A young man visits an orthopedic hospital and seeks consultation for all his body pains. “ I really don’t understand what is going on me lately doc, when I press this side (his left hip side) it hurts.” He bent down and pointed the painful part of his own leg, “it hurts here too”. He kept pressing and pointing his finger on all his body parts, from head to toe and kept complaining how painful it gets each time each part is pressed. The doctor looked over him and examined all of his complaints and gave his final findings… “I am sorry to say young man but you got yourself a broken finger!”

Orthopedic Joke #3:

A patient was recently rushed into an orthopedic hospital because of a terrible accident involving a truck and the car he is driving on a busy highway. Here are excerpts from the orthopedic surgeon and the patient’s conversation.

Patient: Why am I inside a hospital! How did I get in here doc?

Doctor: You’ve had an accident a while ago involving a speeding truck on the highway.

Patient: What happened to me then?

Doctor: I’m sorry to tell you this but I’ve got some good news as well as some bad news. Which would you prefer to hear first?

Patient: Tell me the bad news first do. Please!

Doctor: Your legs were so badly injured that we find the need to amputate them while you were unconscious.

Patient: (looks down and showed shock and surprise to see his legs are all gone) This is unacceptable! Give me the good news doc!

Doctor: you see that patient right across your bed on this ward? He wants to buy your signature leather shoes!

Orthopedic Joke #4:

A middle aged man came to see an orthopedic surgeon about his broken leg and back. After doing all the immediate casting and medical procedures the doctor asked the man how he had such a horrible accident.

Patient: It all started 10 years ago…you know doc…

Doctor: Oh I am not asking about your past, tell me what happened last night!

Patient: As I was saying, I started working on this farm ten years ago. One night after I worked, my strict employer’s beautiful daughter dressed on her flimsy nightgown knock and walked into my room in the barn. She asked if I want anything, and I replied no, I don’t need anything. She asked again “Are you sure there is nothing else you wanted from me?” I replied “no, I’m perfectly ok”.

Doctor: Pardon my ignorance but what did it have to do with your broken leg and back last night?

Patient: Well, last night I finally figured out what she wanted to happen and I tried to climb the window of her room. I fell off the roof doc!


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