Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Harsh weather conditions like extreme hot or cold conditions can damage our hair. Therefore it is necessary to weatherize our hair (treatment depending on the prevailing weather condition) in order to protect it from being damaged and also repair the damaged one. Hair treatment comes in various forms such as oiling, rinsing and the use of elixirs.


Olive oil hair treatment One of the best ways of hair treatment is the use of olive oil. Since the ancient times olive oil being used in edibles, it also plays an important role in the beauty treatment when used on hair in for of a pharmaceutical or soap. Olive oil simply conditions, nourishes, increases the strength, and improves the elasticity/flexibility of hair. It is a good source of anti oxidants, vitamin A as well as vitamin E which act as guard to the keratin in hair and also boosts to maintain moisturized hair.

Applying olive oil on your hair and scalp helps repair damaged scalp which is essential for the growth of hair. It nourishes the hair making it more vibrant, healthier and easy to manage. Damaged, flaky and dry scalps can easily lead to formation of dandruff and cause an itching effect which causes frequent scratching on the hair thus hair loss is experienced. Since it acts as a moisturizer, it decreases the appearance of dandruff without the need of using artificial shampoos.

Use of olive oil is important since it acts as a conditioner to your hair. It contains fatty which simply penetrates the scalp to the hair roots that leads to the growth of healthier and full hair. Its penetration to the hair roots also replenishes the hairs natural nutrients. As a conditioner, it reduces the damage of the sun to the hair, reduces damage of hair by chlorinated or salty water and helps maintain hairs natural coloring.

At times mostly during the cold season hair appears to be dry making it brittle and combing it leads to breakage on the hair tips leaving it frizzy. Use of olive oil tames the hair moistening these brittle tips and by adding extra weight to the tips smoothes the hair.

When the hair is natural it tends to have a natural shine. However damaged and dry appears dull. Using olive oil on your hair helps to restore life and the natural shine to it.

1. Application of olive oil to the hair is usually a simple procedure. You start by combing your hair, pour about one quarter of olive oil into a microwave safe bowl and warm it up for about thirty seconds.

2. With the use of your finger tips, apply olive oil to the scalp until the entire scalp is covered. Coat the rest of your hair with the oil using a comb. Use a plastic shower cap to tuck your hair or cover it up using towel and leave it on for about 2 hour.

3. Rinse your hair first then shampoo it, rinse off the shampoo using cold water

There are many other elements to talk about but this is an insight in this regard.

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