Maca Root Acne

Maca root is scientifically referred to as Lepidium Meyenii and it’s a member of the radish family. It is mainly grown in Peru Mountain regions. For many years, it has been used in various forms like powder, pill and even liquid since it is rich in many nutrients and minerals. Maca root is high in phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc and amino acids. Moreover, it is a good source of proteins and vitamin B12. It has been prized for many years as mood stabilizer and energy enhancer.

Maca root acne treatment

When you suffer from acne you experience cohesion between the dermis and epidermis layer of your skin. This leads to decrease of the basement membrane and hence communication and nutrition of the tissue is carried out with great difficulty. As a result, there is reduction in collagen production, causing appearance of acne and wrinkles and fine line in your skin.

Maca  powder is a great benefit for your skin as it lightens it and gets rid of acne scars and blemishes. Moreover, it reduces the sensitivity level of your skin; hence maca powder is an elixir for individuals with very sensitive skin. Furthermore, Maca root acne treatment is very effective since they have substituted other types of medicines which are utilized for treating acne. In some cases, it is as well used together with the acne medication. Maca root has hormonal balancing effects which aid in clearing your skin tone very effectively, producing the same results as any costly dermatological treatments.

The use of Maca enhances fertility, energy and endurance. It contains macaene and macamides which are compounds which are recognized by naturex and therefore its efficiency on your skin is assured. Maca powder promotes the synthesis of elements of cell surface receptors as well as ECM. These two compounds reconcile the diverse intracellular signals. Maca root gives vigor to your skin as well as decreases ageing effects. This has been experimented on epidermal Keratinocytes that is the main cell which is in charge of synthesis of all extra cellular constituents. Maca root helps in decreasing acne since it is very significant for the system of the cell energy. Moreover, it avoids the abnormal failure of the adhesion which causes cellular loss and apoptosis.

Maca root has the ability to control, maintain and balance the hormonal systems of our body. It’s a promising anti-acne herb. It has the ability to control your body’s endocrine system. This system is responsible for balancing hormones in your body with the help of a chain of glands and organs which are placed strategically all over your body. These hormones are in charge of regulating the most crucial functions in the body until they get to the cellular level. Moreover, it enables the endocrine level of the body to maintain that balance, making the hormones more effective and reinvigorating some specific glands.



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