Job, Responsibilities and Salaries Ranges of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

The nursing career is one of the oldest in the health care and medical field. These medical professionals have been taking care of patients with various sicknesses. Most of the nurses before fifty years are women because it is the nature to take care of others. People who look humanitarian work as fascinating will definitely find being a nurse an awarding career. This profession will not simply offer you with a good profession and good money. It can raise you from within and improve the greater best in you when satisfying your spiritual requirements. The inner satisfaction you receive from assisting and caring others is precious and priceless. Advanced practice nurse is separated in to four categories and among one is the nurse practitioner.

To become as a nurse practitioner one should get a master degree after getting the certificate of registered nurse. They may practice separately in certain states in the US. These nurses can work in medical facilities, hospitals and on other health care centers. This kind of nursing practice is leap to be target on the clinic job that is same to doctors under general practice. Such as doctors who contain various specialties nurse practitioners can also pick to specialize or focus in some field. They can check and treat different types of chronic and acute diseases. These nurses can give and recommend medicine or treatment for all kinds of injuries. These nurses are knowledgeable to lab results understanding.

Mostly their job is about advising patients, improving treatment plans and medicine prescription. They are medical specialists who have got a medical degree in the common and complex medical condition treatment. Nurse practitioners are licensed under the nursing field. To become as a nurse practitioner, first one want to be a registered nurse. To become as a RN you have to get bachelors degree in the field of nursing and should finish the needed clinical duty focus aimed on treating sick patients. You will want to pass two big licensing tests. The average salary of nurse practitioner can range from 80,000 to 106000 dollars yearly but can be lower or higher based on the practice area, skill and location.

The salary can be lucrative but this must not be the only reason to get in to a medical profession. The nurses with below one year of experience may get 59,594 to 76,759 dollars. The nurses works for universities and colleges will get 67494 to 97 398 dollars. Those at private practices make 61252 to 76781 dollars. Those nurses who are specialized in case management make 70750 to 92022 dollars. Along with the salaries, they also get yearly monetary bonuses. There are various kinds of nurse practitioners but the most common are certified nurse midwife, pediatric nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist and family nurse practitioner. You have to keep in mind that this kind of work calls for people who are keen to caring and assisting other people and not for all individuals. The US labor statistics estimates that career development for registered nurse and nurse practitioner will be higher and they are also expected to be in demand.



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