Itchy Skin after Shower: What causes it and the Remedies

Taking a shower will leave your body clean and refreshed. However,if one notices itching after bathing, this could be embarassing and irritating too. Itching causes your skin to have scars hence damaging it forever. One might continue to feel itchy even after noticing some changes on the skin. This comprises an irritation that is distracting and intense or sensational tickling on the skin. This causes an urge to scratch the skin. This type of itching is called puritus. The itching could occur on certain parts or the entire body. The cause of the irritation determines the remedy to use in order to ease the itching. People who suffer from itching after taking a shower experience blisters, bumps, reddened skin and cracked and dry skin.


Some of the causes of itchy skin after shower include:

When a person is having a bath, their bodies come into contact with many things like products used in cleaning the bathroom,shampoos and soaps. One might also encounter mildew depending on the level of dampness in the bathroom. The towel an individual uses also contains traces of softeners and detergents. All the above could cause dermatitis. This is a condition triggered by the response to a certain stimulus. Itching caused by a change in the normal routine could indicate mild dermatitis. It is advisable to switch back to the normal products so as to identify if the cause could be due to change of products.

Use of certain products could trigger an allergic reaction on the skin.when allergens come into contact with the skin, an itchy feeling takes place. Some of the causes of the allergies include chemicals used in bedsheets or towels. Other causes include organic substances like molds and mildews.

Some constituents in your conditioner, shampoo, shaving creams, soaps and shower gels could cause irritation on your skin. A chemical derived from coconuts known as sodium lauryl sulphate causes most irritations on the skin.The ingredient is used for causing lather in water.This increases the vulnerability of the skin towards itches and rashes.

Another cause of irritation after a shower is water. It is a rare condition and is referred to as aquagenic pruritus.This term refers to itching as a result of water. This condition occurs when the body uses mechanisms for defense while in the water. The pain is said to penetrate into the inner depths of the skin. An individual experiences itching mostly during a workout or in humid conditions. There are no visible symptoms of the condition like reddness of the skin. Seek help from a dermatologist when you experience this condition.

People find it hard to believe that water could cause dry skin. Patches develop after water evaporates from the skin surface. The skin produces oil that protects it from harsh conditions on the outside. Hot water washes away the oil hence making the skin susceptible to the harsh conditions. The skin becomes itchy, tight and dry. Itching experienced on the forearms and the lower part of the legs after having a hot bath indicates dry skin. It is crucial to minimize the heat and apply a moisturizer to sooth the skin.

Consult a dermatologist before using certain remedies.

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