Home Treatment for Skin Rash

Skin rash can be defined as an outbreak of bumps on the surface of the body which can result to texture change of the skin. This condition can be caused by many things including the allergies as well as the infections. The rashes that are allergic can be categorized into two; the systematic and the dermal rashes.

Systematic rashes are ingested and sometimes can pose a great danger and are also hard to diagnose. Dermal allergy is as a result of coming into contact with the allergen. The itchy skin rash caused by allergies may be as a result of allergy to some food like eggs, seafood, milk wheat or even peanuts.

Other causes of these rashes are pollen grains, temperature change, sensitivity to some of the drugs, smoke, dust, perfumes, soap products and even certain kinds of lotions.

The skin rash can emerge at one point on the surface of the body or spread allover the body. It is accompanied by itches, burning, pain, swells and even blisters and sometimes they can be present without any discomfort. Some of these rushes can disappear after some time but others will require treatment. Here are some of the recommended ways of treatment of skin rash at home.

  • Washing the infected place using the chamomile tea.
  • Spreading the olive oil on the skin rash.
  • Using a mixture of vitamin E and cod liver oil at the infected area.
  • Using grinded leaves of holy basil, with one spoon of olive oil, a very small quantity of salt, two garlic cloves as well as a few powders of pepper. This mixture is then smeared on the rash.
  • Another effective treatment is using the smashed leaves of almond plant and spread it throughout the affected area.
  • Another way is also use of vitamin C which has the antioxidant properties which treats the skin rash as well as reducing any chance of future infections.

In case of the rashes caused by allergies, one can use the raw apple cider vinegar and natural honey. Take one teaspoon of the both thrice a day or mix the content with a glass of water. It is of great importance to take organic honey and avoid smoking of cigarette and alcohol consumption.

A mixture of crushed poppy seeds, water and lime juice can also be an effective way of dealing with this problem.

These natural home treatment of skin rash is safer compared to conventional treatments like steroids and antihistamines.

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