The Different Maca Side Effects

Maca is the plant that is found in Perth and in the high plateaus of Andes mountains. It is cultivated as a vegetable crop in that place for 3000 years. This plant is a relative of Radish and the odor of Maca is similar to that of butterscotch. The root of this plant is used in making different medicines.

The different uses of Maca includes chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, tired blood, fertility, memory, enhancing stamina, athletic performance and energy, women also use Maca for menstrual problems, symptoms of menopause and female hormone imbalance. There are numerous Maca side effects that can be avoided with the proper use of this product. This is also used for treating many other types of conditions like boosting of the immune system, arousing of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, tuberculosis, HIV/ AIDS, leukemia, stomach cancer, depression and osteoporosis.

To avoid the various Maca powder side effects it must be consumed in adequate quantities as it can be eaten either roasted or baked and it is also used for preparing soup. It is also used in the making of a fermented drink that is known as Maca chicha. There are many dangerous side effects of Maca that includes-

Thyroid disease

Maca root consist of more quantity of iodine that may worsen the symptoms of thyroid disease. Therefore people suffering from thyroid should avoid the consumption of Maca root.


Maca is known to cause goiters which may be due to the presence of a chemical known as Gluosinoltae which is found in large quantities in the Maca root. Therefore more consumption of Maca may increase the chance of having goiters.

Heart rate increase

Maca root acts as a stimulant that causes the heart rate to increase. And therefore it is recommended to take the advice of your cardiac care doctor if you have any history of heart dysfunction or illness.


It has been seen in many case that people who consumes Maca root have noticed increase in the incidence of coronary heart burn.


It is one of the most common Maca side effects that has been reported by people. They have experienced elevated headaches in terms of severity and frequency that has been due to the use of Maca.


Maca may cause different types of allergies to different people and the more common symptoms of the allergy include flushed skin, fatigue and hives.

Skin problems

Maca is known to increase the exercise of hormones and it can also cause acne, breakouts in adolescents.

Hormone levels

Maca is also known to increase the level of hormone production in the body. The adjustments that occur due to the intake of Maca may cause hot flashes, weight gain, decrease in sex drive and menstrual problems.

Stomach problems

Maca can also cause different types of stomach problems like stomach upset and also nausea.

The other Maca side effects are insomnia. This may be due to the boost of energy level that is caused by the use. It is also because after Maca consumption the body done feel like resting as it has enough energy to go through out the day.

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