What are the Causes and Treatment of Appendicitis

What is Appendicitis?– Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. It is a thin closed tube that it is connected to the colon first part. It is the part of the colon makes mucus that is sent in to the cecum. If the open from appendix becomes blocked in to the cecum, the appendix becomes inflamed. The inflammation can differ; it is also assumed that when the appendix makes mucus that is sent in to the cecum, this mucus may harden highly and obstructs the appendix opening. Another thing that triggers inflammation is the introduction of stool that passes through from the cecum in to the appendix clogging the opening. If the stool particle gets to the intestine becomes hard, it is called as fecalith that usually means rock of stool.

One of the reasons is swollen lymphatic tissue for the appendix to be inflamed. It is usually seen in the appendix will start to effect on the walls and the method the body responds to this infection is through swelling attack on the bacteria that creates inflammation. Appendicitis can be mild or severe and it affects both men and women. The symptoms of appendicitis are pain in the abdomen area, fever, vomiting and nausea. The cause of this condition is because of excessive toxins waste in the caecun generally initiates this condition that is created by inflammation and the infection because of some germs that are seen if a patient has appendicitis. It is a painful swelling. The most common sign of this condition is the pain experienced in the abdomen. It generally begins in the navel and slowly shifts to the right side of the abdomen. It is normally hard to track and diagnose the right location of pain when the pain is moving.

Medication for this condition is always treated with antibiotics and surgery. Medicines such as antibiotics are always taken to ease nausea. Some herbs and supplements also assist in avoiding this condition, strengthen the resistance power, or assist recover from surgery fast. Taking green vegetables, tomatoes, sprouts, beans, peas may give supplemental defense against appendix. Acupuncture is useful in relieving pain, improve blood flow and control peristalsis. It can be completely treated by doing a surgery treatment called as appendectomy.

The surgery of eliminating the appendix is also performed by doctors. Two surgical methods are done by doctors like traditional surgical operation and laparoscopic surgery. People who had these surgeries must take fresh fruits for each three meals and have a well balanced diet plan. It should have three categories like vegetables, fruits, seeds and grains nuts. Taking butter milk, beetroot juice, carrot and cucumber juice are excellent home remedies for this condition. Thus, a right time surgical treatment is important in the management of appendicitis. Mostly, surgery can be done without much difficulty, and the person can expect a complete recovery from the operation in one or two days. Latest studies show that in some cases, antibiotic therapy without the need of surgery may be enough in treating acute appendicitis.

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