Causes of Chest Pain in Women

Chest pain in women has been rated as one of the major causes of heart problems in women and this is why any kind of pain experienced should not be ignored. Chest pains are not usually linked to the heart directly because other factors can contribute to the pains. This includes the nerves, lungs and ribs among others and they all point to an underlying problem, which is why it is crucial to seek medical attention. There are a number of symptoms that are associated with chest pains and they are:

• Aches
• A burning sensation,
• A crushing and constricting kind of feeling,
• Sharp pains among others.

These are the most common ones and they should not be ignored since chest pain in women are known to have serious consequences when ignored. Any kind of symptom observed should be attended by the doctor immediately so as to avert a bigger problem from occurring. Most chest pains are associated with heart problems and the common cases experienced are:

1. Coronary Artery Dissection

This is a condition that normally affects the coronary artery and this is through a tear developing which goes on to cause intense pains. The developing tear then goes on to because the pains in specific areas and these are the neck, back and abdomen. This can prove to be dangerous if medical attention is not taken into account, as this will go on to cause a bigger tear to develop and by the time the individual decides to go to the doctor the situation becomes irreversible.

2. Heart Failure

The human heart is a very sensitive organs and any individual who knows how to take care of their health should make sure that they get their heart checked in case any symptoms arise. Heart failure happens when the heart muscle thickens and cannot pump blood in and out of the heart as required. The common symptoms are feeling lightheaded, and dizziness among others. An individual experiencing this should make sure that they change their lifestyle of eating, since cholesterol is normally responsible for this, as it collects in the heart muscles. Dally exercises and eating right will go a long way in ensuring that heart failure is kept at bay.

3. Pericarditis

This condition is characterized by an infection of the sac that is evident around the heart. This type of chest pain is experienced by the individual when swallowing food or lying on their back. This is because specific muscles are affected and they are the shoulder muscle and the upper neck muscle. This kind of infection normally disappears on its own, but the individual should not ignore it because the infection has not been taken care of and it might return with an even bigger problem.

4. Angina

This condition is characterized by a blockage, which gets to be experienced in the heart blood vessels, and this tends to reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. It is characterized by a pain that gets to spread to the back, arm and jaw, which is normally triggered by excitement or stress.

An individual experiencing this chest pains, especially women should make sure that they get enough rest and also seek medical attention.

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