Causes of Chest and Back Pain and How to Effectively Deal With It

Many people consider chest and back pain as a normal occurrence in life. However, these conditions should be taken seriously since they can be life threatening. Among the two, chest pains can sometimes signify a number of infections such as pneumonia, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, cancer, or angina among other infections. It could be a single or a combination of several infections. The type of infection causing the pains can only be diagnosed by a medical practitioner. This is the reason why you have to visit one as soon as you start feeling the pains.

You have to be keen on the occurrence of chest and back pains. If possible, you can always note down the nature of their occurrence each time they occur. Such details are beneficial in facilitating an effective diagnosis from the doctor. It is important to categorize whether the pain you are experiencing is short – term or chronic. Short-term pains may occur once in your lifetime but may keep reoccurring at different stages of life. Chronic pains are always too painful since they are always sharp and persist for a longer period of time.

Temporary chest and back pains can result from severe muscle pain which impacts on the muscles next to it. Chest muscles work hand in hand with upper back muscles to facilitate the breathing process. As a result, an injury on the upper back muscles will obviously affect the chest muscles. These pains usually heal after a short period of time. Spinal injury can also be the cause of both chest and back pain. This is because spinal injury ignites fire into all the nerve endings in the body, which results in pain. Injuries on some parts of the breathing system can also result in temporary pain that passes out once the injury is resolved.

Chronic chest and back pain can result from an inflammation in one part of the body that spreads the pain to other regions of the body. People suffering from heart diseases can also experience chronic pains during heart attacks. Infections in some parts of the breathing system can also result in inflammations that in turn cause chest and back pains. Whenever these pains occur on the chest and back at the same time, it can be hard to determine the cause. At times, it could be psychological and the only way to determine this is through medical examination.

If your pain results from breathing, you will have to utilize a breathing pattern that would not cause much pain. Slower and deeper breaths can always be less painful as compared to shallow and frequent ones. You can also try your best to rest your body in positions that promote relaxation rather than straining. Drugs can only provide short-term relief and the best way to avoid future pains is by resting your body in the right positions. Repeated massages on the chest and back can always bring long-term relief. Pains resulting from heart diseases can be solved with changes in lifestyle conditions that promote more suffering and pain. It is best that you seek medical attention as soon as possible when you start experiencing chest and back pain.

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