Bloating After Eating

Health as they say is wealth. It is only normal to prefer your health to an obese wallet’. As very few people prefer the health of their bank accounts to their very health. At least when you give up the ghost you give your wealth also. We can’t tell if Henry Ford (owner of Ford Motors) would suffer blisters on his feet from serious trekking in the next world. As well as we don’t know if even Bill Gate could afford a red carpet reception in the next world! That is why good health should be as celebrated as Mohammed is in Mecca.

Thus keeping our fitness in such a very competitive world where even your mother’s breast milk isn’t free is really very challenging. Health and fitness are symbiotic. Most people have slept peacefully in their coffins after refusing to sleep peacefully on their beds. Managing family, work and other social ties without sleeping on a hospital bed could demand an adept sense of mental audacity. However this is necessary as you need to be fit to keep your wallet fit also. That is why a dining chair is a throne in many homes. The best surgeries of the world are carried out with cutlery in good meal as a cafeteria has saved more than a theater in America . A good kitchen is at times more effective than the best hospitals in the world- as man needs more of a spoon than a syringe in this new age!

However not all times do we eat well. Not all times do we give the right inmates to our stomach- some attempt jail break, making our digestive system uncomfortable . At times there is no true REST in a �RESTaurant’. In fact, it is estimated by the CDC that 48 million persons get sick every year due to food borne diseases in the US. One of the most popular is stomach bloating after eating. This is so popular and has made people allergic to a plate as they are afraid of their stomachs to get inflated like some German Zeppelin after a meal. Even the anomaly can make an atheist fast!

Stomach bloating is not a good experience. It is surprising in every seven Britons, one bloats. This makes it more of a digestive epidemic. It strikes anytime with no radar to inform us before hand- and it can really be painful. But the truth is as common as it is, so too as common is the cure!

Yes. Stomach bloating has been discovered to be a consequence of �digestive-negligence’. We forget to chew our food properly. We find that times the pains and embarrassment of this bloating nightmare could be hard to swallow because we swallow solid food too much. We chew food less: the spaghetti, rice, mashed potato, soup or smoothie. We swallow them more than we chew them. The mouth must be treated as an honorable receptionist of our whole digestive system, and all digestive protocols like chewing, churning, moistening (with saliva) should be duly observed. The teeth are no antiquities but operational �digestive cops’, and should be regularly used; allow them to investigate and inspect thoroughly in the chewing and mastication before allowing traffic to proceed through the throat. If you are negligent of this security measure don’t be surprised surely if the stomach-terrorism of bloating befalls you. Take your time to eat properly else you rush your meal and consequently rush to the doctor. We know it is a very busy world and everyone needs to be time conscious, but your ghost doesn’t wear a wristwatch- so take your time when alive and chew well when eating. Moistening your mouthfuls more with saliva to chew really helps as this can moisten you also ensuring your stay here on earth doesn’t dry up too quickly!

Other ways of helping are: sitting when eating, being concentrated on your meals, stop eating when you are noticeably filled, taking considerably small portions in mouthfuls. Medically, eat foods rich in potassium like asparagus which helps keep fluid balance in check, they help, also beware of sugar substitutes. Try replacing your bread with artisan and sourdough breads as according to Chris Fenn, a nutrition professional, 95% of commercial bread is made industrially leaving it cheap, fast and potentially dangerous.

With this, you can help yourself from bloating and if a woman’s stomach must swell, it should be from a baby not from bloating!


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David Smith

David Smith

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